Sunday, September 14, 2008

Beasiswa Fulbright 2009

Beasiswa Studi di Amerika Serikat Fulbright 2009, telah mulai dibuka, dgn deadline seperti tertera di list bawah.

Ada banyak program yang dibuka untuk berbagai tingkat level pendidikan (masing2 ada persyaratan sendiri2), mulai dari beasiswa untuk guru bahasa inggris sampai untuk Doktoral, smoga bermanfaat bagi rekan2 semua, slamat mencoba.

Fulbright Community College Summit Initiative Program

AMINEF 2008-11-01

Fulbright Foreign Language (Bahasa Indonesia)Teaching Assistant (FLTA)
AMINEF 2008-11-03

2008 International Fulbright Science and Technology Award for PhD.
AMINEF 2009-05-05

Fulbright International Leadership in Education Program

AMINEF 2009-05-16

Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program for Mid-career Professionals

AMINEF 2009-05-31

Fulbright Presidential Scholarship Program (Ph.D. Program)

AMINEF 2009-05-31

Fulbright Master's Degree Program

AMINEF 2009-05-31

Fulbright-Freeport Master's Degree Program

AMINEF 2009-05-31

Fulbright Doctoral Dissertation Research Program

AMINEF 2009-05-31

Fulbright Visiting Specialist Program

AMINEF 2009-06-30


Call for Applications:

2009 Conservation Leadership Programme Awards

Deadline: 6th November 2008

The Conservation Leadership Programme aims to contribute to long-term conservation in priority areas by encouraging and engaging potential leaders in biodiversity conservation and providing opportunities for individuals to gain practical skills and experience. This partnership initiative, including BirdLife International, Conservation International, Fauna & Flora International, the Wildlife Conservation Society and BP, has been helping young conservationists across the world to achieve their goals for more than 18 years.

The Conservation Leadership Programme is offering Conservation Awards to applicants from Algeria, Angola, Argentina, Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Brazil, China, Colombia, Egypt, Georgia, India, Indonesia, Libya, Malaysia, Mexico, Pakistan, Russia, Trinidad & Tobago, Turkey and Venezuela:

* Future Conservationist Awards: Approximately 20 awards of up to $12,500 each.
* Conservation Follow-up Awards: Approximately 5 awards of up to $25,000 each. (Available only to previous CLP/BPCP award winners from any country.)
* Conservation Leadership Awards: 2 awards of $50,000 each. (Available only to previous CLP/BPCP award winners from any country.)

The application deadline is 6th November 2008 for all awards and winners will be announced in March 2009. Please visit the CLP website for detailed eligibility criteria, guidelines and application form. Please forward this announcement to other potentially interested individuals, organizations or academic institutions.

Successful applicants will: 1.) Develop the knowledge, skills and abilities of team members; 2.) Implement a focused, high-priority conservation project combining research and action; and 3.) Contribute to the long-term success of local conservation efforts.

All teams submitting an application will receive feedback on their proposal. Applicants are strongly encouraged to contact a member of the Programme staff well before the application deadline for advice or input on the proposal. Staff members can help teams determine if their project fits within specified criteria, offer advice on methods and project activities, and put teams in touch with local partner offices or other experts who can provide additional advice.

A representative from each award-winning team will be invited to attend an international training event in Beijing organised by the CLP to share ideas and develop skills, knowledge and contacts. Additionally, winning teams are able to access experts from within each of the five partner organisations and past winners. Programme staff members are available to help with project implementation, including guidance required during the planning and team training stages.

Contact Robyn Dalzen ( for more information.


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